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F.I.T. - Consultancy Service

Since I began practicing as a Food Intolerance Tester I have been delighted by the feedback from people that I have tested or advised.

People genuinely feel fantastic. After cutting out the foods they were intolerant to and by taking the recommended supplements they have lost weight, sleep better, have more energy, their skin has improved, they feel better emotionally etc. etc. The symptoms that they first attended with are resolved.

                  Do you have an intolerance? 

Often for people who have attended the initial test, there are often questions and issues that arise during the elimination diet that calls for a planned follow up program.  Clients have asked for a system whereby there is an ongoing support system in place where they feel free to contact me for information, advice or support after they have had their initial consultation.

Another reason for this new service is my geographical location. Being based on the West Coast of Scotland within travelling distance of the main towns / cities has allowed me to offer appointments to a large percentage of the people who contact me.  However, I have been overwhelmed by the interest that has been expressed from people further afield who do not have access to a Food Intolerance Service. 

So I can offer advice and help to more of these clients plus offer an extended program to my existing clients I am now delighted to offer an outreach consultancy program.

This will simply be a service level agreement.  To register for this service simply fill out the contact form below.  I will then correspond with you to build a customised program to ensure you have the very best advice and supplement recommendations that you require to help you deal with your food intolerance.

From that point on I will be with you every step of the way to constantly advise you during the period of your plan.   Via a quick turnaround e mail service (or at specific UK times in person) you will be able to receive the re-assurance and support that you need.

Service Plan.

  • Initial test or consultation to establish whether a food intolerance is present or whether there are any recommendations to diet or supplement use that could improve your current symptoms.

To book an initial test please indicate on the registration form.  Full tests in Troon are currently £65 and in Aberdeen £75. 

  • Ongoing e mail correspondence.

  • Ongoing phone support as required.

  • Products as required (as per retail prices )

  • Evaluation and or re-test 1 month prior to service plan finishing.

  • Subject to an agreed 5 days per week and 45 weeks per annum.

  • £40 per month payable in advance on 1st of month upon receipt of invoice.

Due to the level of commitment required to offer this service whilst running an existing practice places on this program will be limited at any one time. 

To register please complete the form below.

Consultancy Service
E mail
Phone Number
Initial Contact Method ( preferred)
Start Date (preferred)
Payment Method
A confirmation e mail will be sent upon receipt of your submission.

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