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Special Offer ! Raspberry Ketones + Green Coffee
Combination special offer of these two great slimming products. Please see individual item details for more information and also product details. RRP £26.70
Price: £20.00
Acid / Alkaline Formulae 250gm powder
Special supplement in powder form designed to help balance the PH levels in the body.
Price: £14.24
Agnus Castus 200mg 30 capsules
A particular benefit during last phase of monthly cycle making it particularly useful for pre-menstrual tension. Do not take if pregnant.
Price: £3.40
Aloe Vera 10,000- 30 tablets
Taken to combat inflammatory digestive disorders, including ulcers and indigestion, stomach lesions, Peptic ulcers, ulcerative Colitis and Candidiasis. Do not take if pregnant.
Price: £3.32
Anti - Oxidant (2 x months supply)
Multi pack of several different supplements (6 separate packets)
Price: £29.66
Api Slender
Serves to reduce weight, improves digestion and complexion. A very good laxative.
Price: £10.20
Bilberry 2500mg - 30 tablets
Beneficial to the eyes, collagen support, counters urinary tract infections and circulation.
Price: £6.28
Bladder & Kidney Support
Pack of 3 separate supplement formulas designed to provide support & essential nutrients for the Bladder, Kidneys and Urinary tract.
Price: £10.98
Calcium Magnesium & Vit. D 60 tablets
Essential for the growth and maintenance of organs, nerves and blood.
Price: £4.48
Candida Gold Formulae
Pack of eight separate supplement formulas for optimum support and nutrition for those suffering from the effects of Candida Albicans and other fungal infections.
Price: £45.95
Candida Maintenance Formulae
Six separate supplements designed to provide optimum support and nutrition for those who have recovered from Candida Albican and other fungal infections of the skin, vagina and mucous membranes of the mouth, upper respiratory and digestive tracts.
Price: £27.95
Caprylic (Super) - 90 capsules
Helps maintain the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Encourages the growth of Lactic Acid bacteria and best taken with a low yeast and low sugar diet.
Price: £17.60
The after drink capsule which helps to reduce or stop the effects of a hangover and to reduce damage to the liver.
Price: £29.95
Children's Multi-Vitamin - 30 tablets
Chewable Multivitamin Supplement, which also includes Omega 3 plus Prebiotic. Pleasant flavour.
Price: £4.85
Chitosan & Calcium - 90 tablets
A natural product derived from Chitosan, a polysaccharide found in the exo-skeleton of shellfish like shrimps or crabs. Calcium is the ost abundant mineral in the body and is essential for healthy bones, teeth and blood.
Price: £7.46
Cod Liver Oil (High Strength)30 cap
Natural source of Vitamins A & D. Vit A is essential for healthy skn, hair, teeth, gums and especially night vision. Vit D is essential for the formulation, development and maintenance of healthy bones.
Price: £3.67
Cranberry Juice - 30 tablets
Traditionally used to help maintain a health bladder. Reduces the chances of bacteria in urine. Also contains Vit.C
Price: £4.42
Digest Aid Formulae
Specially formulated to maintain efficient digestive processes and a healthy digestive system.
Price: £13.27
Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg - 30 capsules
Maintains healthy body tissue.
Price: £3.80
Eye Formulae
An excellent complex designed to improve the health and treatment of eye conditions.
Price: £10.16
Feverfew 200 mg - 30 capsules
This garden herb has found to be beneficial when treating certain forms of migraine. It is said to lessen the severity of headaches as well as symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Do not take if pregnant.
Price: £3.40
Flax Seed Oil 1000 mg - 30 capsules
Flaxseeds are a source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) and also contain Omega - 6 Fatty Acids. Flaxseeds also provide Lignans.
Price: £4.10
Folic Acid 400 ug - 90 tablets
Recommended by the the Government's Chief medical Officer that all women planning a pregnancy should take 400 ug supplement prior to conception and until the 12th week of pregnancy.
Price: £3.08
Ginkgo (Super Plus) - 30 tablets
Ginkgo Biloba enhanced with Green Buckwheat and Vitamin E. Helps to maintain a healthy circulation system, improve memory and concentration and combat Migraine.
Price: £8.40
Ginseng (Korean) GX 2500 -
A rejuvenating tonic. Assists during Menopause. Helps those suffering from fatigue or recovering from illness or surgery.
Price: £7.60
Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Ester C & Calcium
All the benefits of Glucosamine plus Chondroitin, Calcium and Ester -C People with allergies to shell fish should not take this product. Not recommended for Diabetics
Price: £11.40
Glucosamine Sulphate Gel 100 ml
Glucosamine Sulphate is one of the biological chemicals that forms all the major cushioning ingredients of the joint fluids and surrounding tissues. I
Price: £6.63
Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg - 30 tablets
An effective treatment caused for pain caused by Arthritis in the joints. Do not take if allergic to shell fish Not recommended for Diabetics
Price: £5.28
Green Coffee - 5000 mg 90 capsules
To help increase metabolism, burn extra calories and to lose weight. Contains Chlorogenic Acid known to increase metabolism and help you burn off those extra calories. For maximum effect take Raspberry Ketones at the same time.
Price: £13.95
Hawthorn Compound - 90 tablets
Buckwheat, Garlic and Hawthorn
Price: £5.29
Heart Support Formulae
A special pack of three separate supplement formulas designed to provide support for the heart and circulatory system. Especially useful for those suffering from angina and other heart conditions and those who have undergone heart surgery.
Price: £11.99
Horny Goat's Weed 500 mg - 180 capsules
Independent studies have shown an overall improvement in sexual satisfaction and increase in sexual desire from those taking this herb.
Price: £26.18
Horny Goat's Weed 500 mg 90 capsules
Used as a powerful, natural aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. Suitable for both men and women
Price: £14.40
Joint Maintenance Formula
A two part special high potency formulation of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C, Calcium plus Cod and Halibut Liver Oil
Price: £8.95
Kelp 500mg - 60 tablets
Rich source of Iodine which is essential for the health of the Thyroid gland. This gland helps to regulate the whole of the digestive system.
Price: £4.56
L-Carnitine 500 mg - 30 tablets
L- Carnitine helps in th metabolism of long chain fatty acids in the energy cycle. It may also help conserve Glycogen supplies in the muscles, increasing exercise tolerance.
Price: £13.80
Mega B Complex
Group of vitamins required for general well being especially for nerves and healthy organs.
Price: £5.34
Mega H 40
Balanced formulation of Vitamins and Minerals plus essential nutrients
Price: £6.24
Menstruation Formula
A special pack of two separate supplement formulas for women who suffer from the symptoms associated with the monthly cycle
Price: £8.95
Milk Thistle
Traditional, natural herbal medicine used to detoxify and cleanse the body.
Price: £4.32
Mind and Memory Formula
A specially formulated food supplement designed to help maintain optimum function of mind and memory.
Price: £13.53
MSM 1000mg - 30 tablets
MSM is essential for all bodily systems and normal organ functions
Price: £5.10
Multi Fibre + Quick Fibre - 375 mg
Multi Fibre + is a Food Supplement containing oat bran, linseed meal, rice bran and psyllium
Price: £10.99
Multi Vitamin and Mineral (30 tablets)
Multivitamin Complex
Price: £2.80
Nerve & Stress Formulae
Pack of three separate supplement formulas designed to provide support for the nervous system.
Price: £12.82
Odourless Garlic 2 mg, 30 capsules
Known formally as Allium Sativum is still considered as an essential household remedy.
Price: £3.05
Omega 3 1000 mg - 60 capsules
The Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are essential for a range of functions related to brain, eyes, cardiovascular system, inflammatory response and the skin.. In children supplementation has lead to improvements in reading skills, concentration, balance, movement, learning and behaviour.
Price: £7.39
Phytosterols - 60 capsules
For more information on this product please see the 'High Cholesterol' Section and for ingredients please see 'Product Details'
Price: £10.80
Prostate Care Formula
A special pack of three separate supplement formulas designed to help with the prevention and treatment of all Prostate problems
Price: £13.23
Psylllium Husk 350 mg - 90 capsules
Psyllium seeds are a commonly used source of soluble fibre. A shortage of fibre in the diet has been linked to a number of degenerative , chronic diseases including heart disease, diverticular disorders and Diabetes.
Price: £10.99
Raspberry Ketones (High Strength)
600 mg 60 capsules The weight loss properties of raspberry ketones have little to do with plain raspberries. Eating raw raspberries would add many calories to your diet and offset any weight loss. Raspberry ketone is the main aroma compound of red raspberries and other fruits. This compound regulates antiponectin which is a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. Raspberry Ketones works by improving the metabolism which causes fat to get broken up more effectively and helping your body to burn the fat faster and helping to prevent weight gain. To get the same benefit from whole fruit it would be necessary to eat about 90 pounds of raspberries for each 100 mg. of Raspberry Ketones. This product provides a concentrated source of raspbery ketones, the substance which gives raspberries their characteristic aroma. Ingredients: Raspberry Ketones; Anti-caking agent: Magnesium Stearate; Capsule: Hydroxypropylcellulose. Take 1 or 2 capsules per day just before a meal. For maximum effect take Green Coffee at the same time.
Price: £12.95
Royal Jelly 500mg - 30 capsules
Contains only the finest Peking quality Royal Jelly and to hold that within the capsule, only naturally sourced ingredients are used, such as wheat germ oil and honey.
Price: £10.79
Sage Oil 50 mg - 60 capsules
Traditionally used to soothe bites, ease aching muscles and reduce indigestion. It is used to balance the hormonal system and can help irregular,heavy or painful periods as well as reducing menopausal symptoms. It also calms the digestive system and reduces indigestion
Price: £4.02
Saw Palmetto - 30 capsules
Used to regulate the hormone system, in particular to balance Testosterone levels. Additionally, is an excellent tonic for the kidneys and urinary system with diuretic and antiseptic properties.
Price: £4.44
Selenium 100ug & Zinc 2 mg - 100tablets
Selenium is a powerful Anti-Oxidant, helps maintain a healthy heart and helps with Thyroxin production. Zinc is needed for Thymus gland function, clears metal toxins, and necessary male sperm and female ova production, Also essential for maintenance of vision, taste, smell and insulin release.
Price: £3.40
Skin Clear Formulae
A special formulation of three separate supplement formulas designed to provide nutrients essential for clear and healthy skin.
Price: £16.70
Slimming Formula
A special pack of two separate supplement formulas designed to aid slimming in conjunction with a sensible balanced diet. This combination also helps to maintain normal Cholesterol levels and bowel regularity.
Price: £17.76
Soya Isoflavones, Kudzu Root Red Clover - 30 tablets
Phytoestrogen rich foods are a natural alternative to HRT, so helps PMS and Menopause symptoms. Anti-Oxidant and helps protect against Osteoporosis.
Price: £5.99
Starflower Oil 250mg - 60 capsules
Helps control and regulate cell growth and maintain the body's hormone balance.
Price: £5.04
Super Dophilus
Combination Probiotic
Price: £10.25
Valerian 270mg - 30 capsules
Gentle sedative which helps with Insomnia, Migraine, Nervousness, Menstrual Problems and Intestinal Cramps
Price: £3.32
Vitamin B6 100 mg - 30 tablets
Perhaps the most important of the B vitamins for a healthy body. It is the master vitamin in the processing of amino acids - the building blocks of all proteins and some hormones.
Price: £2.88
Vitamin C - 1000mg
Used in the formation of the Collagen building blocks which collectively form the skin, teeth, gums, bones and blood vessels.
Price: £4.16
Vitamin E 1000iu - 30 capsules
An important antioxidant, protecting cells against harmful oxidation.
Price: £8.64
Erectile dysfunction affects thousands of men across the world today and yet it is not openly discussed. This is a very demoralizing condition, not only causing embarrassment to the male but is a cause of frustration to his sexual partner. Say NO to erectile dysfunction with XXCELL
Price: £39.99
Zinc - 50 tablets
May help to boost the functioning of the immune system. May help in boosting male fertility. May act as Anti-Oxidant May help with Diabetes Helps maintain the normal function of the Prostate.
Price: £3.08
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